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Congratulations to our BALSA Grant Finalists!

We are delighted to announce our 2016 BALSA Grant Finalists!  These ten first time entrepreneurs will each receive a $1000 cash grant, in-kind donations of professional services, and ongoing mentorship to help start and grow their business:

  • Arriel Biggs, Young Biz Kids
  • River Fronczak, Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes
  • Iris Green, Scoops and More
  • Liz Kuba, Tea Rex
  • Bonnidette Lantz, Lightenstein
  • Carrie Lewis, Sweetlife Gourmet
  • Alicia Lohmar, Ladybits Toiletries
  • Karen Rogier, Arlyn Arlene
  • Katy Thomas, Gig{a}bit Rocks
  • Sompit Vasey, Ma Yim Enterprises

The BALSA Foundation awarded an additional $500 cash award, representing contributions from the public raised through Give StL Day, to Alicia Lohmar, who was judged by our external reviewers as having an outstanding business idea and fit to the BALSA Foundation’s mission.

You can read more about all our finalists here.  See press release.